Aug 07, 2017

Leg 2 Day 22 – Fernandina Beach

First thing this morning Dick tried reaching two Volvo experts to discuss other fixes for our engine problems. He had to leave messages and wait for call backs which came late morning. It was interesting that both of the guys gave him the same suggestion. That gave Dick new confidence that maybe we had a…
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Aug 06, 2017

Leg 2 Day 21 – Off to Amelia Island

Our departure today was filled with anxiety. While today’s journey was a short one of only 28 miles, we were worried that the starboard engine would continue to act up and were concerned about big tides, large currents, and low water levels at low tide. Until now, the largest tide we experienced was just over…
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Aug 05, 2017

Leg 2 Day 20 – Very Frustrating Day

We were up with the birds this morning as we were anxious to resume our northbound journey. The engines were started at 6:30am and we shoved off at sunrise which was 6:47am. We were headed for Amelia Island – our last Florida stop. It was a calm, cool morning as we ventured onto the Tolomato…
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Aug 04, 2017

Leg 2 Days 14 – 19 – Visiting the Oldest City in the United States

We spent the next 6 days in the Oldest City in the United States. St. Augustine was founded in 1565 as a Spanish military outpost by Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles and it remained under Spanish rule for 200 years. In 1783 Spain lost Florida, including St. Augustine to England in a territorial exchange….
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Jul 29, 2017

Leg 2 Day 13 – Challenging Day

Today started out as a super day – Sunny, calm morning and only 79 degrees! We departed our slip at Halifax Harbor Marina at 8am without a hitch and cruised up to the gas dock to drop of our keys. They have an interesting key drop off process – the hold out a fishing net…
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Jul 28, 2017

Leg 2 Day 12 – Off to the Most Famous Racing Beach in the World

Today’s destination – The Most Famous Racing Beach in the World – Daytona Beach. We got an early start today with engines running at 7:40am. We stopped to get some fuel and departed at 8:30am. The first 22 miles of the ICW were very wide, very shallow, and very boring. After that, we traversed the Haulover…
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Jul 27, 2017

Leg 2 Day 11 – First Dolphin Sighting Since the Caloosahatchee

We got an early start today – engines started at 7:35am with a departure at 8:05am. We wanted to get an early start on our 42 mile journey so we could cover some miles before the winds kicked up. About 5 miles up the ICW (Indian River) is the beginning of the Banana River. Merritt Island separates…
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Jul 26, 2017

Leg 2 Day 10 – On the Water Again

While we were sad to leave Loggerhead Marina this morning, it was time to go. We departed 5 minutes late – at 9:05am. Actually that is right on schedule for Sandy time!! Our travels North on the ICW (still on the Indian River) took us through narrow winding sections of water, past many beautiful homes,…
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Jul 25, 2017

Leg 2 Day 8 and 9 – On Hold

Another change of plans – originally we planned to provision the boat yesterday, July 24 and depart Vero Beach today. Due to forecasted high winds, we delayed our departure until tomorrow. It is really nice not to have definite, must-do timetables but to have the luxury to travel when the time is right. Last evening (July 24) we went…
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Jul 23, 2017

Leg 2 Day 7 – Back to the Boat

After a very long day of travel from the west coast, we arrived back at the boat in the wee hours of the morning. I always get anxious when returning as I am hoping the boat is still floating and nothing major is wrong. Everything was fine except the boat was beastly hot inside. After…
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